A real time careplan

Teams of family members, doctors, nurses, and case managers work together to care for children with complex medical issues. Juggling mountains of records, keeping track of scheduled appointments, and managing a child’s illness at home is overwhelming for parents. Caremap is a simple tool for families to access essential healthcare information on the go.

With caremap you can:

View and share a snapshot of the latest health record
Easily track medications and set reminders
Set goals, monitor progress and chart results
Connect with care teams and family members


  • A secure place to put the most critical information about your or your child's health, emergency care, allergies and medical history
  • Sharable to family members, teachers, caretakers, and in emergencies
  • An accessible medical overview from the patient and family perspective


  • Track the things that matter to you or your child and your doctor
  • Select from several built-in items or create your own metric to follow
  • Provides data for better healthcare decision making


  • Gain an understanding into patterns and relationships of symptoms with insights
  • Follow the important things in your or your child's care over time


  • Keep your most important contacts stored with your or your child’s health record
  • Securely share critical health data to providers in an emergency
  • Share insights on symptom tracking
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